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As a business owner, it isn`t a problem to accept credit cards online and in-store as they are perfectly protected by your smartphone with credit card processing applications for Android or iPhone. Customer interaction has changed dramatically. It is more than unlikely that most of your clients have cash in their pockets. Therefore, providing smartphone users with the possibility to pay with mobile credit card processing is essential. 

Adaptability is key, especially when it comes to payments for teams. Whether they’re at appointments, trade shows, conferences, or other off-site events, Android and iOS devices can provide your clients’ customers with credit card processing functionality. This versatility allows you to serve customers in the field or inside your store, ensuring you’re always responsive to their needs.

First, you will need a smartphone, a credit card reader for Android and iPhone, and a payment app for Android and iPhone that connects to the wireless network. You can process your customers’ payments in real-time mode- by using a smartphone — just now. Fitted with mobile credit card processing technology, customers can enjoy the convenience of shopping with you immediately without waiting for you to come their way. By the way, at any point and in any place, when your customers are using their cards, you will be able to process new transactions at a high-security level. 

Accepting payments on smartphones or tablets

Be ready for immediate sales conversion — anywhere, anytime. For one, the appropriate Android or iOS/iPad-based credit card processing solution would enable you to go through the pre-authorization and cash out transactions instantly, in addition to generating and sending the electronic receipts to your customers through email addresses in a spilled of seconds from your mobile device.

To enable credit card processing for Android or iOS devices:

  • Get a merchant’s account with a provider of payment solutions.
  • Get the retailer’s mobile app for payments.
  • Use a recognized credit card reader on Android or iPhone.
  • Congratulations to the customer! Swipe, dip, or tap the credit card to finish the sale.

PCI-compliant Android and iPhone credit card processing

Credit card payments must be accepted in line with the standards set by the Payment Card Industry, which includes Android and iPhone devices.

Working with a mobile payment provider that adheres to the most current version of the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is highly advisable. As credit card data should never be saved on your mobile device, you have got to find this out. Under no circumstance can data be stored, which means no sensitive payment records can be stolen.

PCI-compliant Android or iPhone payment processing apps will ensure that the transaction is more secure and convenient for the customer.

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