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Clover Kitchen Display System

One screen. One source of truth. No pens, no printers, no lost tickets. Just a real-time look at ticket times, order statuses, and everything else that keeps service moving smoothly.

Keep Operations Running Smoothly

  • Improve diner experience by speeding up service without losing order accuracy.
  • Track your team’s performance and adjust as you go with prep time and fulfillment reporting.
  • Reduce the risk of operational mistakes for on-premise ordering.
  • Increase orders and revenue.
 Replaces Paper Tickets

Modernizes your kitchen from a pencil-and-paper operation to a more efficient, digital kitchen.

Supports High-volume Kitchens

Can handle as much traffic as your kitchen can throw at it. It’s perfect for restaurants of any size–high-volume.

Revolutionizing Kitchens
With Clover KDS

Aggregates All Orders

Includes on-premise and off-premise orders. A consolidated view of all incoming orders–whether in your eatery or online.

Performance Reporting

Offers invaluable performance reporting like prep time and fulfillment metrics. And that spells improved operational efficiency.