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Smart, Efficient and Customized, The Perfect POS Systems for Restaurants

Given that every restaurant is special for both themselves and their customers, a POS system should be distinctive, like the menu. This is just the reason why Falcon POS offers such a customizable system. Whether it is a cozy cafe, or a diner with too much hustle and bustle, you will have the right tools in your palm. From logistics management to shipping tracking, our systems embody not only intelligence but also efficiency and ease of use. With Falcon POS, you’ll make your customers happy because their services and products are delivered very quickly, and you can track your transactions with more precision. All these help you save money. You are not alone in all this. We are here to support you and achieve your goals together with you.

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Comprehensive POS Solutions for Every Type Of Restaurant

Our goal is to encompass the latest POS system for every small or large restaurant out there. This is how our POS systems provide the best results as expected!

  • Fast Order Processing
    We make sure your customers don’t have to wait. With our POS system, you can take orders quickly and accurately. This means more happy customers and more table turnovers for you.
  • Easy Menu Customization
    You know better what your customers love. We make it easy for you to customize and update your menu anytime so you can keep surprising them with new dishes. Our Restaurant POS Systems are evergreen providing the best utilities on the go!
  • Efficient Table Management
    For a POS System for Restaurants, we help you manage your space effortlessly. Know which tables are free, which are reserved, and how long guests have been seated, all at a glance.
  • Seamless Payment Solutions
    Payments are a breeze with us. Our systems accept all forms of payment, from cash to credit cards, and even digital wallets, ensuring a smooth checkout process.
  • Inventory Tracking
    Never run out of what you need. We keep track of your inventory in real-time, alerting you when supplies are low, so you can reorder before it’s too late.
  • Employee Management
    Keep your team in sync. Our system lets you manage schedules, track hours, and monitor performance, making it easier to run a harmonious operation.
  • Detailed Reporting and Insights
    Knowledge is power. With our reports, you’ll know exactly how your restaurant is doing – what sells, when it sells, and who’s selling it, so you can keep growing.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    We help you remember every customer with our dedicated Best POS System for Restaurants. Keep track of their preferences, past orders, and even birthdays, turning one-time visitors into regulars.
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Featured POS Systems: Clover, Ingenico, POYNT, and More

For the best Restaurant POS Systems, we are proud to work with renowned partners such as Clover and Ingenico that provide cutting-edge experiences typical of this time. Now, the speed of the delivery, the customer’s happiness, and the improved operational efficiency that keep you ahead of your competition should set your mind on fire.

  • Believe In Falcon POS to Believe in A Better Future For Retailing
    When you choose Falcon POS for your restaurant, you’re not just getting a point of sale system; you’re investing in a partner dedicated to your success. Here’s why we stand out for the perfect Restaurant Point of Sale Systems in Canada.
  • Unmatched Support
    We are always ready to work with you day or night. We will pay personal attention to each and every issue and make sure to have an expert support team tackling your problem. It will be a relief for you to know that all restaurant operations will be running smoothly and that your operations are taken care of at all times, putting your mind at ease. AI tool, we stand as the sole runners of the best restaurant POS systems in Canada.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
    For the best Restaurant POS Systems, we partner with leading hardware providers like Clover and Ingenico to bring you the latest in POS technology. This means faster service, happier customers, and a streamlined operation that keeps you ahead of the competition.
  • Easy to Use
    Our POS Systems for Restaurant are designed with you in mind. Setup is quick, and our interface is intuitive. We believe in making technology accessible so you can focus on what you do best – delighting your customers with great food and service.
  • Customizable Solutions
    Your restaurant has the special feature, and your Restaurant POS system needs to provide you with the exemption. Customized solutions tailored to your individual entity nature – whether a small canteen or a huge dine-in, you will find your needs are covered as a result of the different tools we offer.
  • Cost-Effective
    It is precipitous to draw any far-reaching conclusion if after the implementation of the POS system you sacrificed lots of funds. We offer competitive pricing and don’t compromise ease or quality with any of our features. Get even more value that we at Falcon POS offer and use it to whatever propels your business further.
  • Future-Proof Your Business
    We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, ensuring our systems are updated with the latest features and integrations. Believing in Falcon POS means believing in a future where your restaurant not only thrives but leads the way in innovation and quality service.
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It is not hard to find the finest Point-of-Sale system for your restaurant. That happens here, and this is our mission. But let’s talk about you. We aim to equip you with the right instruments that will fit well in your restaurant. You have the technology that’ll help play your schedule without any hassle. And that’s precisely what you’ll get from us. Whether you are a small restaurant or a major hotel, we have options that will best suit your needs. Speaking of our 24/7 always ready to help support our tailor-made technology. And ease of use, we are prepared to work with you to accomplish your goals. And the wait for the restaurant to get better seems like forever. Come discover us at this very moment and you will realize how outstanding a company we are!