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Being a small business owner requires quick thinking. You need to maintain your flexibility because the conditions in your local market can change suddenly. However, it costs money to respond to a new business opportunity or challenge—money for supplies, hiring more employees, or even moving to a new site.

A quick and flexible option to receive the money you need for your business is with Clover Capital. It only takes a day or two for approval, and the money normally reaches your bank account two or three working days later. You never have to be concerned about missing a payment because payments are automatically taken out of your subsequent debit and credit card sales. You cannot miss a payment because it is determined by a proportion of the purchases made with your card. Your payments are lower during slow business times. You repay your advance more quickly when the company picks up. 

Clover Capital can assist you with expanding your business, hiring extra personnel during a busy season, improving your marketing, and more. Here are three ways real merchants have used Clover Capital:

To Set Up a New Location

In a nearby mall in San Angelo, Texas, Leslie Reyna and her spouse initially opened Reyna’s Tacos. They made the decision to purchase a food truck after that location fell through. Despite the popularity of the food truck, they continued to look for a physical location, and in 2017, they discovered a former gas station that they could turn into a restaurant. They put up the place with the assistance of multiple capital injections from Clover Capital, which allowed them to do things like turn an old petrol station into a drive-thru and construct a back terrace where they screen movies and football games. 

To Scale Up Quickly to Meet Demand

The pandemic caused demand for Chateau 4 Paws, Janelle Russell’s pet grooming company, to soar. Business nearly doubled overnight as more and more people adopted pets and everyone stayed at home with their dogs. Janelle didn’t want to use high-interest credit cards to pay for the goods she needed, but she didn’t have access to conventional financing choices. In order to better service her customers, Clover Capital assisted her in stocking up. Since then, she has updated her facility, bought more goods, paid for advertising, and even organized employee outings with the help of Clover Capital.

To Keep a Small Business Running Smoothly

After relocating to Florida in 2017, the Ukrainian couple behind Oksa Cakes in Flagler Beach opened their bakery and Ukrainian café almost immediately. They quickly established a working relationship with Clover and have relied on Clover Capital as a consistent source of funding to enable them to continue delivering high-quality, freshly cooked food. Additionally, they were able to launch a side business at farmers’ markets where they sold handmade sausages. The couple also implemented a POS System for Small Business to streamline their transactions and manage their sales efficiently.

Many retailers, such as Chateau 4 Paws and Oksa Cakes, depend on Clover Capital to support their ability to adapt to the changing needs of their industry and remain adaptable. Clover Capital can assist you in acting swiftly in the face of an opportunity or difficulty. After that, all you have to do is pay gradually using your actual credit card receipts as a guide. Additionally, it may prevent you from missing payments.

You might already have a preapproval for Clover Capital if you utilize a Clover point-of-sale system. Watch for an application invitation via email. You can also verify if you’re pre-qualified to apply by visiting your Clover Dashboard.


The flexibility and speed of Clover Capital have proven to be invaluable assets for small businesses facing various challenges and opportunities. Real-life examples, from setting up new locations to scaling up to meet demand, highlight how Clover Capital supports business growth and resilience. By providing swift access to funding based on future card sales, Clover empowers entrepreneurs to make crucial investments without the burdens of traditional loans. For small business owners navigating unpredictable markets, Clover Capital stands as a reliable partner, ensuring they can seize opportunities and overcome obstacles with confidence.