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The NEW Clover 24” Kitchen Display System is available for ordering in Co-Pilot in three bundles:

  • Clover Kitchen Display 24 bundle with Wall Mount Stand
  • Clover Kitchen Display 24 bundle with Countertop Stand
  • Clover Kitchen Display 24” (no stand or mount included)

Connect the Front and Back of the House With Order Management That’s Easier to Use

Redesigned with an even larger screen, the Clover Kitchen Display complements any kitchen design. The objective is always the same, whether it is traditional or overhead mounting: to optimize order management.

Designed to Ensure That Orders Make Sense

No lost tickets, pens, or printers. Just a quick glance at order statuses, ticket timings, and other relevant data in real-time to keep things running smoothly, particularly when order volume fluctuates.

Efficiency is Money

Order cancelation and edit notifications help you process more orders and reduce food waste. Increased sales and overall profitability are the end results.

Improving Consistently

By tracking your team’s performance and making necessary adjustments, you may monitor important fulfillment parameters like prep time and move with reports.

Designed to Work With Everything Clover

  • For efficient communication between front- and back-of-house, the Clover Kitchen Display System instantly links with Clover POS, Clover Online Ordering, and BentoBox Online Ordering.
  • Orders placed on any device within the restaurant will be sent directly to the Kitchen Display System.
  • Print Runner tickets straight from the Kitchen Display System to a network-connected printer.

List of Features Included

  • Multi-level fulfillment
  • Item level routing.
  • App notifications for cancellations, and order changes.
  • Color-coded order status
  • Prep time reporting

Furthermore, here is the information brief of the launch of the new Clover Bump Bar, as a KDS accessory that can be used with both the 14” and the 24” Kitchen Display System.

Introducing the Bump Bar

With Clover’s bump bar, you can easily access the most crucial features of your Kitchen Display System without scrubbing the screen. suitable with restaurants having an overhead projector and both 14″ and 24″ displays. The bump bar is the ideal location for kitchen display systems since it allows access from below.