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One of the most crucial pieces of equipment a restaurant can have is the Point of Sale (POS) system. Your company will not be able to process any sales without it, and you will not be able to integrate restaurant management software, which is essential for managing and running your company.

Why Does Your Restaurant Require a Unique POS System?

You must select a POS system for your restaurant that differs from other types of POS systems when determining which of the finest restaurant POS systems to use for your company. In other words, it is ideal to pick one that incorporates a restaurant management solution in addition to offering effective payment processing. For a variety of factors, including to help restaurant owners operate their businesses more easily and affordably, restaurant POS software must be equipped with these functions.

Features That Every Effective Restaurant POS System Must Have

Straightforward User Interface

It cannot be overstated how crucial it is to have an easy-to-use user interface. Your restaurant business may come to a grinding halt due to a difficult interface that only serves to frustrate customers. The last thing you want is a severe headache brought on by setting up and using your POS system. Efficiency is not that at all! In addition, a basic user interface makes it possible for new staff to pick up the fundamentals of operating a POS system fast. You will save both money and valuable time by doing this. 

Having an easy-to-use user interface also helps provide excellent customer service. You must pick a POS system that’s user-friendly, quick, and simple so that you do not have to struggle through a number of processes to collect payment or waste time when a tiny error is made.

Handling Payments in a Flexible Way

There are numerous Point of Sale systems for eateries that can only be used with a specific kind of payment processor. Be cautious with these systems! it is a mistake to put yourself in the “payment processor box.” Always search for a POS system, such as The Falcone POS, that offers you several choices for companies that handle credit cards. Investigation is still valuable even if the POS systems have a favored payment source. The installation process will probably go smoothly if the system is used with its preferred provider. Also, if you choose a merchant services provider that is familiar with your new system, you will see fewer third-party failure spots and quicker reaction speed when you require support.

Management of Open Tables

Sending out “scouts” on a regular basis to look for open spots in your restaurant ought to be a feature of the past. You have a tone of fantastic digital options for doing this! The easiest method for handling open tables in any restaurant is by using a POS system that can assist with table flow, though. You can effortlessly handle reservations and waitlists with a reliable restaurant Point of Sale system. Also, it enables you to view which tables are occupied and which are vacant. Focusing on rapid customer service by instantly allocating servers to tables is another fantastic quality that it should have.

Loyalty and Gift Cards

Gift and loyalty cards are excellent tools for boosting income and sales, gathering useful information, and showing customers they are appreciated. Ensure that your POS system is prepared to accept and sell them!

Online Purchasing

To expand a restaurant business, you require an online ordering option in the modern world. You may increase efficiency and broaden margins with a POS system that takes online orders while decreasing phone errors and lost time. This online ordering procedure is quite straightforward because of the Complete Touch POS system, which was created especially for eateries.

This is how it goes:

  • On a computer or mobile device, a customer places an online order.
  • The order is instantly entered into your system and routed automatically to your Complete Touch POS software.
  • When you decrease the time spent on manual order entry and expensive order entry mistakes, your profits rise.

Pre-Authorized Bar Tabs

Bartenders are permitted to:

  • Save that data securely as their bar tab.
  • Verify the legitimacy of the card.
  • Verify if it has a certain amount of money on it.

Payment Solutions Using EMV and Contactless

EMV refers to the small chip found in the majority of modern credit and debit cards. The international standard for authenticating card transactions is EMV cards. Compared to conventional magnetic strip credit cards, EMV cards are more secure. A magnetic stripe card’s data remains constant over time, but an EMV card’s chip generates an individual code for every transaction that may only be utilized once.

Why Should Your Point of Sale System Support EMV Cards?

Mostly, EMV cards are widely used. Also, it increases the security of the data about your customers. Debit and credit cards, smart cards, key fobs, and other gadgets, such as mobile phones and other devices, can all be used with contactless payment systems to make safe purchases. These gadgets use near-field communication or radio frequency identification. Having the capacity to take contactless payments at your Point of sale terminal is essential since, like EMV cards, they are becoming more and more popular.

Scheduling for Employees

The ability to manage who works when is made possible by employee scheduling. The process is very simple with a POS system for restaurants like The Falcone POS! 

To get started, simply:

  • Decide the category of jobs you need to fill.
  • Select particular personnel, then select the shifts you want them to work.
  • On the schedule sheet for employees for that day, they will be listed.
  • See the full schedule of all of your employees at once!

Timekeeping for Staff

Both managers and employees benefit from a simple solution for checking into and out of shifts. A smooth and simple payroll process can be achieved with accurate timekeeping, which is clearly crucial for employee pay. Everyone will experience less tension and headaches if they choose the appropriate remedy!

Pour Control

The human race is a remarkable species. Humans possess imagination, intelligence, emotion, and sensitivity. Truth be told, we are far superior to anything we could ever create ourselves. But we have to recognise that there are instances when a computer or other equipment can perform a task more effectively than we can. Moreover, equipment is crucial for consistently producing the best drinks. Certain restaurant Point of Sale (POS) systems have a pour control option that takes human mistakes out of the drink-making process.

It is quite easy:

  • Submit a recipe.
  • Permit alcohol and ingredient regulation by the software.
  • Make the same beverage at all times, regardless of the barmaid!

As the machine conducts the majority of the work to produce a consistent drink, this frees up your staff to concentrate on providing excellent customer service. Additionally, its straightforward constancy maintains strong bar profitability.

Convenient Business Analytics

It goes without saying that in order for you to continue operating your restaurant, it must be profitable. The question of whether or not your restaurant is genuinely profitable and the source of your profit is less clear. When calculating profitability, a restaurant POS system with business analytics is extremely helpful. Certain types of business analytics ought to be available from a decent restaurant POS system:

  • A dashboard displaying revenue, stock, costs, and profitability
  • Comparisons of sales between places or over time
  • Highest efficiency by weekday, holiday, and promotions
  • Reports on the top-selling items and trends of sales relative to guests by day

Consumer Service and Reliable Assistance

Over time, even high-quality products degrade or wear out. The greatest companies to work with are those that provide outstanding assistance and customer service for this reason. Your POS system might have all of the best features in the market. But, it will fail if the system’s manufacturer does not give excellent support and customer care. At The Falcone POS, we have a specialized support team for customers in Canada who are always willing to lend a helpful hand.


There are several factors to take into account when integrating a Point of Sale system in your restaurant enterprise. It is simple to become confused, but with the help of this practical guide and its analysis of the top restaurant POS hardware and software currently available, you can decide what works best for you. There is an appropriate Point of Sale system out there for you if you are looking to manage across numerous locations, streamline online ordering, offer customer loyalty programmes, customize your services, and so much more.

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