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QuickBooks is by far the most popular accounting program for small businesses. If your business employs a Point of Sale (POS) system, QuickBooks POS incorporation would save you both time and cash while effortlessly syncing your sales data. QuickBooks assists with smooth accounting and reporting. Below is a summary of POS software and a comparison of the top POS software for QuickBooks POS connection.

Generic POS Systems That Work with QuickBooks

You will have lots of options because QuickBooks is compatible with the majority of POS systems. Certain systems can be more appropriate for your needs depending on the size, sector, and activities of your business. The POS options listed below are all-purpose systems that function well for companies with rather simple operations.

Square POS

The Square POS platform is a good solution for small businesses. These are just some of its primary features:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Employer management
  • Payment processing
  • Production of reports

To make use of the Square POS, you also have to employ Square’s payment processing services because Square is a transaction processor. There is no monthly fee and Square’s fees are 2.6% plus 10 cents per transaction. A complimentary smartphone credit card reader is also available for brand-new retailers.

The breakdown of Square’s POS connectivity with QuickBooks Desktop and Online is as follows:

Square’s POS Connection with QuickBooks Online

Sync with Square, a free programmer, is how you link your Square data with QuickBooks if you use the QuickBooks Online accounting software. Following that, the app will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Integrating Square sales and costs into QuickBooks
  • Reporting sync for Square Payroll
  • Creating reports for certain products and categories
  • Supporting transactions across many locations
  • Displaying chargebacks and refunds
  • Integrating up to 18 months’ worth of past purchases with a daily automated sync.

To manage your application settings in the QuickBooks Online profile, go to My Apps.

Square POS Connectivity with QuickBooks Desktop

If you use QuickBooks Desktop, you must install the Commerce Sync app in order to link your Square profile with your computer’s QuickBooks programmer.

Clover POS

Clover is yet another payment processor with its own Point of Sale system. The POS system from Clover has a strong customer management platform with the following features:

  • Viewing customer birthdays
  • Viewing customer order histories
  • Getting client feedback
  • Using loyalty programmer to reward customers
  • contacting clients via email, text, or the Clover app
  • Organizing the shifts and schedules of workers
  • Employees’ sales, tips, and refunds are being watched.
  • Placing restrictions

To connect QuickBooks with Clover, use the Commerce Sync tool and register for an l Expert or Essential plan. You must take the following steps:

  • From a web browser, sign on to the Clover account and choose Additional Tools.
  • You should choose QuickBooks by Commerce Sync.
  • Choose the Essential or Expert plan by clicking Connect.
  • Hit “Accept.”
  • To launch Commerce Sync, select Open App.
  • The Connect to QuickBooks button can be found in Commerce Sync.
  • Choose Authorize after signing in to the QuickBooks account.
  • The programmer will now go through a series of operations.

Your initial data transfer will occur the subsequent day and then every day after that after they are all marked with a green checkmark.

Restaurant Point of Sale Systems That Work with QuickBooks

Toast, Lightspeed Restaurant, and Touch Bistro are a few POS programmer for restaurants that work with QuickBooks. We will examine this one in greater detail since Toast happens to be the most widely used.

Toast POS 

One of the most complete restaurant POS systems available is Toast. Some of its prominent capabilities are as follows:

  • Managing menus
  • Managing client orders
  • Tracking deliveries
  • Scheduling and performance evaluation rules for employees
  • Giving tips to employees
  • Displaying order history for clients

Due to the fact that each firm receives a customized rate, Toast does not disclose its payment processing rates. Via a service named extra CHEF by Toast, the business manages QuickBooks connection. You must become a paid member of trachea in order for this software to synchronize your Toast records with QuickBooks.

Retail Point of Sale Systems That Work with QuickBooks

Retailers have numerous options, such as Lightspeed Retail POS, Square Retail, Revel, and Vend, similar to restaurant POS systems. We will examine Lightspeed Retail POS in more detail.

Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale

There are numerous capabilities in Lightspeed Retail that assist both in-person and online sales. Some of its noteworthy characteristics are as follows:

  • Importing, monitoring, and rearranging your stock for each site
  • coordinating shipments
  • To increase sales, include choices for curbside collection, in-store pickup, and buy-now, pay-later.
  • Allowing clients to book appointments for products or personal shopping at your location
  • Supplying integrated marketing tools, such as a link to Google local inventory advertisements
  • Developing loyalty programmer and accepting gift cards,

The Lightspeed Accounting module is part of Lightspeed. Use these steps to link Lightspeed Accounting with QuickBooks:

  • Open Lightspeed and choose Accounting from the Settings menu.
  • Choose your shop and then click See Details.
  • Enter your QuickBooks account information and choose QuickBooks Online.
  • Hit “Authorize.” You may sync all of your current information with Lightspeed.

Follow these procedures to keep QuickBooks updated with your anticipated sales and other information:

  • Get to Lightspeed Accounting through navigation.
  • See Details after choosing Settings.
  • Choose your store.
  • Choose Refresh Reference Data.


Connecting your Point of Sale system to your QuickBooks profile reduces double data entry and guarantees sales are appropriately reported in your accounts. It is a guaranteed approach for a small business owner to save energy and time. Direct, built-in interfaces are preferred, but third-party apps can also sync your data. Nevertheless, before relying on or paying for a third-party app, make sure it has good reviews

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