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The gift shop POS that helps you put the customer first

From robust inventory management to tools to help you on the sales floor, Falcon POS gives you technology to succeed.

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Make the sale with tools that help you impress every customer

Your customers expect personalized service that proves you understand their gift-giving needs. Falcon POS makes it easy to build loyalty with customer profiles and other tools designed to help you impress.

  • Give your regulars consistently personalized service no matter who’s on shift with customer profiles
  • Help customers find the perfect gift, even if you don’t have it in stock, with special orders
  • Reward loyal customers with an easy-to-manage integrated loyalty program with Falcon POS Loyalty
  • Give your customers seamless service and settle their transactions anywhere in-store with a portable POS system
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Seamlessly sell online with an intuitive eCom solution

Expand with eCommerce software designed to grow your business, sync your inventory and connect multiple locations from your brick-and-mortar gift shop POS.

  • Easily import stock and sync location information from your physical gift stores to your eCom shop
  • Select a theme from a range of mobile-responsive and customizable templates
  • View, edit and organize your shipments from your eCom back office
  • Make use of built-in tools to boost SEO and drive traffic to your online gift store
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Offer gift cards that work online and in store

Improve cash flow and customer loyalty without extra fees. With omnichannel gift card management, your customers can purchase and redeem the same gift cards in store and online.

  • Manage omnichannel gift cards with no extra fees or third-party partners required
  • Sell customizable gift cards, from design to messaging to amount and more, that reflect your brand
  • Choose between paper, plastic or eGift cards, or make them all available for customers
  • Issue gift cards, transfer balances and view gift card balances and history without leaving your POS
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Streamline your inventory organization to stay on top of it all

With tags and categories, organize your items so you can always find what you’re looking for in seconds. Falcon POS helps you stay on top of your stock and manage purchasing in a streamlined workflow directly from your point of sale.

  • Oversee ordering from multiple vendors at once with built-in purchase orders
  • Organize your varied inventory however you want with custom tags and categories
  • Ensure your best-selling products are always in stock with programmable reorder points
  • Group gifts with multiple variants, like size and color, with product matrices
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Retail POS hardware? We've got it.

Whether you’re stationing your POS on the counter or walking around with an iPad, Falcon POS will help you find the right retail hardware setup. Your perfect wireless experience awaits.

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